Experts in the construction of prefabricated houses

PersonalBuilding specializes in building low-energy houses with modern architecture.

We offer a complete solution - from drafting the initial design of a building, acquiring building permits on client's behalf to executing all the building works.

Our designers prepare and carry out interior design. We also perform landscaping of the terrain, full turnkey construction with finishing and equipment (electrical, plumbing, etc.) in the building and property.

We provide assistance in laying the external landscaping and paving, drilling for water, construction of treatment plants.

Prefabricated house building technology offers you a speedy top quality product at an affordable price.
Prefabricated houses are our main passion. In our houses we use high quality materials with good performance in terms of insulating properties, durability and aesthetics.
We strive to create homes that are in tune with nature, do not pollute the environment, produce no emissions and especially meet the needs and desires of the customer.

Watch a video of how we build prefabricated buildings.
The whole process of assembling an average sized house takes 3-5 days on site and looks very impressive.


The below pictures present the design before it has become a reality in the video above.
As you can tell, we know exactly what we will build before we even come to the building site.


PB photo 1

PB photo 3

PB photo 5

PB photo 2

PB photo 4

PB photo 6