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 house on building plans


We consider design as part of the construction process and a prerequisite for a good outcome. Each project is individually tailored to the specific terrain, with the client's needs and budget - by design we have much bigger control over the price in comparison to traditional building, where it sometimes seems like a specific tradition of unwanted additional costs as the project develops is a standard. We always prepare a conceptual design that provides very detailed offer and it includes the price of a few options to help the client decide. 

PersonalBuilding system allows for informed choice and active participation of the investor in determining the energy performance of the building, without the need for compromise in terms of functionality or appearance. Virtually any architectural project could be realized. The architects and engineers in our team develop the architecture of each building without compromising aesthetic attitude and courage in implementing unconventional and innovative solutions. The high level of precision performance keeps the design details and completes the building as planned. 

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Beauty and Style

Driven by the desire to create beautiful and highly functional homes. We are focused on every single part of the design stage equally and pay attention to resources which ensures our efforts in using innovative technologies in the construction and energy efficiency. Our main goal - the creation of a low-energy house to be unified, controlled and independent of climatic process led to investment in young and highly educated team. Lets me honest - we build on the opportunities and the inability of traditional construction. Innovation was the focus in our operations and continues to be a major driver and a strategic necessity.

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Linear Architecture

Excellent precision and absolute predictability of the results in our development process put us among one of the smartest building companies in Bulgaria, with fully innovative approach when it comes to construction of prefabricated units. Since the beginning, the whole team at PersonalBuilding is dedicated to implementing energy-efficient buildings, contemporary and distinctive design, comfort of space and harmony with the environment.